We bring together the latest knowledge and expertise in preventative and cosmetic dentistry to keep your smile natural and healthy.

Our dental hygienists are highly trained and licensed oral health professionals who provide you with educational, clinical, and therapeutic services to enhance your oral and overall health. Our dental hygienists use their skills and knowledge to prevent, detect, and treat gum disease and tooth decay in our patients.

Our hygienists help prevent gum disease by thoroughly cleaning all surfaces of your teeth, removing plaque, tartar, and stains from above and below your gum line (the point where your teeth meet your gums). They will evaluate the health of your gums, and may be involved with the specialised treatment of advanced gum disease. Our hygienists will also teach you how to effectively care for your teeth at home to help you prevent decay and periodontal disease.

Our hygienists may take dental x-rays so your dentist can view them and quickly diagnose any problems. They may also explain the relationship between your diet and dental health, offering suggestions about which foods to select and which to avoid. They may apply fluoride gels, show you how to select the proper toothbrush, and demonstrate the most effective techniques for brushing and flossing to help you maintain excellent oral hygiene.

To ensure that you’re in your best health, it is imperative that you see our hygienist in conjunction with your dentist for oral evaluations and regular periodic cleanings. Recent links between gum health and heart disease would suggest that a quick appointment helps to look after more than just your smile.

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