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19/09/2017 Services

The result of dermal fillers is instantaneous and produces a natural enhancement for the treatment of facial lines, deeper wrinkles, shaping facial contours and lip augmentation.

To assess your suitability for dermal fillers you will require an initial consultation with our aesthetician.


19/09/2017 Services

Periodontology (periodontics) is an area of dentistry specialising in the supporting structures of the teeth and the diseases that affect them. Examples of diseases a Periodontist would treat include Gum Disease and Gingivitis.


19/09/2017 Services

In the past, teeth that were diseased or injured often required extraction. Thanks to modern endodontic treatment, also referred to as a root canal, these teeth can now be saved.


19/09/2017 Services

Over time, the staining effects of tea, coffee, soft drinks, and tobacco begin to show on our teeth. Thankfully, there are teeth whitening solutions that can restore a healthy, bright glow to your smile.


Some people complain of uncontrollable grinding or jaw clenching when they sleep at night, during the day, and during periods of stress. This condition is known as bruxism and it can range from being occasional and mild to frequent and aggressive.


19/09/2017 Services

Invisalign® is the revolutionary, undetectable alternative to traditional metal braces. Rather than using brackets and wires that are bulky and uncomfortable, Invisalign® utilizes durable, custom-fitted, clear plastic aligners to guide your teeth into their proper position.


19/09/2017 Services

A dental implant is a metal anchor, which acts as a substitute to a natural tooth root. It is surgically placed into the jawbone and small posts (abutments) are then attached to the implants which protrude through the gums. These abutments provide stable anchors for artificial replacement teeth.


19/09/2017 Services

Old-fashioned silver or amalgam fillings are unattractive and easy to notice. Because we care about your continued health and the appearance of your smile, our practice offers safe and virtually undetectable tooth-coloured fillings that can be completed in a single appointment.

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